Get your "Out of the Matrix" bundle for Christmas ! 

"Out of the Matrix" is officially out! And we printed a limited amount of high quality merch items SPECIALLY for you! Choose the one you like! Every bundle includes a signed FANmily edition CD with an insert with an insert with all the lyrics and a bonus trach (not available online!)  Claim your bundle before these items are all gone! 😍

Treat it as your well-deserved early Christmas present 🎁!
Look what's inside your gift box! 👇
  • FANmily edition CD ($20 value): A limited edition CD-wallet with an insert with all the songs lyrics + a bonus track "2020" (not included in digital or regular version of the album!!!)
  • ​Signed poster 11"x17"($10 value): It'd be cool to hang on your wall... 😅
  • Black "Out of the Matrix" T-shirt ($25 value): We know you love black shirts! So here you go - classic 2-color design with conceptual art by Victoria Montauk
  • ​​Black "Out of the Matrix" hoodie ($55 value): Well, winter's coming and it's time to get warm! A comfy hoodie with "space" design by our close friend Victoria Montauk
  • Grey "Chase the Comet" beanie with embroidery ($35 value): They said "Keep your head cool"? We'll say - be cool, keep your head warm in our new beanie 😜
FANmily treat
FANmily is not just a word for us ❤️. You are the reason why we are still making music! So you deserve a special treat! And there's no trick in it 😉

 We want these special merch items and especially our FANmily edition CD to always remind you what you mean to us - whether you listen to it in your car or if it sits on your mentalpiece as a memorabilia!

FANmily edition CD includes an insert with all the songs lyrics + a bonus track "2020" (not included in digital or regular version of the album!)
Your support means the world
To print the 'Rush'N'Rule' CDs we had to launch a crowdfunding campaign and thanx to people like Ruben from San Antonio, TX we made it happen! 
This time we did not start a crowd funding campaign but decided to give you more opportunities to support our project!

We suggest an extended line of merch and this time we really made a choice of quality for all our items (they are not the simplest Gildan items!)

Our CD package choices are also not random - we tried to use as less plastic as possible making the plastic tray for the regular edition CD from 100% consumed and recycled plastic and having NO plastic components (except for the CD itself) in the FANmily edition wallet!
Winter's coming
Most supposedly you have our CD, shirts but... This is the first time we're launching a winter merch line! You'll have to get some warm clothes anyway! We are from Russia so we know how cold it can get during winter and we want you to be warm... but cool 😎

Cause what can be cooler than wearing a hoodie and a beanie printed specially for you by one of your favorite bands? Only warm feelings you're gonna have while opening your gift box 🎁

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